Nov 2016

Why is Class Messenger being sold?

We have tried to be a pretty open company since we introduced Class Messenger back in 2013.  With that in mind, there have been some rumors out there about Class Messenger being acquired by a variety of other companies so we wanted to set the record straight:  Yes.  The owners of Class Messenger are looking to sell the company.  A bit more detail for those of you interested:


We have a great product and we have more Teachers, Parents and Students using us today than ever before.  But we don’t make any money yet…and that’s become a problem.  We still believe we have the best edtech messaging product out there, but we need to be much larger and have more resources to continue to innovate.  Being part of another company can help us do that.


There are a number of companies who are interested, you can probably guess which ones…and probably can’t guess some others.  But there are no guarantees of anything in life so we really can’t definitively say where this ends up.

Wait…I thought Scholastic owned Class Messenger?

Actually that’s not true.  Scholastic was an early investor and was planning on integrating Class Messenger into their Book Fairs and some other cool things….but that didn’t work out the way everyone wanted.  We still like each other very much…but there’s no business relationship between the two companies any more.


Soon.  We’ll have this resolved by the end of 2016 most likely.

How (will this impact our users)?

Hopefully it will end up being a good thing and the new owners accelerate behind a bunch of the things we’ve learned so far.  We’re trying our best to put our users into the right hands.

That’s all we can say for now.  We’ll update everyone via our Twitter account and here when we have more concrete answers.

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