Apr 2013

Open Registration…or “How to deal with a big class on my little iPhone”

A lot of enthusiasm for our app in the past 48 hours behind Edudemic’s article.  Thanks to everyone providing feedback either via feedback@wdwdt.com or to our Twitter account @classmessenger.  A few people have asked us to make it easier to build out large (50+ student) classes.  We couldn’t agree more that typing that all in on your iPhone is pretty challenging.  Like most startups, we can’t roll out every feature on day one so I’ve been authorized to mention something currently in development that will really help out.  It’s called “Open Registration”.

Open Registration is a very simple optional feature that let’s Parents and Students find a Teacher (and their Classes) and sign up.  This way, they build the Class member list for you.  But wait! (you may be asking) What about my ability to control who sees what?  No problem, Open Registration will have two “flavours”.  Rocky Road and Neapolitan…Kidding. Teachers will be able to set it allow for truly “open” registration where anyone who wants to sign up, can sign up (good for College courses) or have a modified version where everyone “applies” to the Class and the Teacher simply checks them off for approval BEFORE getting access.

Anyway, we think this is the best way to deal with the large Class thing.  And it’s currently number one on our development chart which means it’s literally being worked on right now.  Release date?  Hoping for late May.

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