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What Teachers and Parents are Saying

Donald Levine @ESSCDiversity
I get positive feedback from parents that it works well. I use it for my 12 different classes that I teach in Health and Physical Education.  Thanks for creating it.  
Lindsey Petlak Teaching Blog
LOVE Class Messenger and use it EVERY DAY! I cannot begin to tell you how much this has positively impacted my parent communication.
You are the best. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. It is age appropriate for our class, simple to use and already our parents are giving us great feedback. Thank you!  
Heather Levine
Class Messenger has been an amazing tool for communication in my classroom. After inputting the contact information at the beginning, I am able to quickly and easily contact any parent regarding their child's classwork. Parents have had wonderful things to say about it as well since it is very easy to reply directly to me via an email, text or through the website's app.  They have actually asked me to try and get other teachers to use it too!
Terri Tomassi @Planning2Learn
Soooo excited! I love that I can organize my messages into different categories and send pictures. Thank you!
Dawn Quinlan
I spoke with every parent regarding Class Messenger at our parent interviews - in some cases I didn't have to as they began by telling me how much they like it. Parents are absolutely in love with the app! They feel it is an easy way to stay in constant communication anytime, anywhere. They appreciate the homework reminders I send out and weekly updates as to how their child is doing and what we are learning in class. Such a genius and valuable tool. I am hooked! 
Tania and Cassandra
Class Messenger has been a beneficial app in communicating with our Before and After School Program parents! We've received outstanding feedback and have made use of most domains within the service. Parents are able to respond to survey questions, receive reminders and gather pictures of their children. 
Crumpled Note @crumplednote
I don't think Class Messenger is a good idea. Everything's fine. There's nothing better than a crumpled note. Follow me on Twitter for communication tips and other reasons why Class Messenger makes no sense.
Kelly Rexine
Class Messenger has recreated the way students, teachers, and parents communicate with each other!  
Vicky Chalifour - Tivendell
Loving the app! I'm using everyday and so are the parents. Really, it's awesome. 
Corrina Allen Teaching Blog
Last spring I discovered this fun little app created to keep teachers, parents, and students connected. (At the time it was called "What Did We Do Today?" or WDWDT? - and is now funded by Scholastic and known as Class Messenger.) I decided to give it a try, and parents just loved it!
Matt Showman
I love this. I wish I found this sooner. My parent communication is already better than it's ever been and I've only had this for three days!
Sarah Johnson
I love your app! Thank you!!!
Kendra Bachmann
My parents are loving classroom messenger! I live in a small town and have 72 of my 73 parents participating either via text, email or the app. I have parents communicating with me regularly that normally would not have otherwise. I had a child out sick for 4 days with a virus and I was able to easily communicate with mom to arrange for work to be picked up, answer mom's questions on the assignments and to keep our office staff informed that the child would be absent. I am LOVING it!
Shelley Nancoo
Love class messenger, been using it with my students since the beginning of the year.
Arthur Ross LinkedIn
I love Class Messenger because it lets me preserve my personal contact information, yet stay in contact with my students' parents!
We are loving Class Messenger.  It has really simplified our communication and made life much easier! We have the majority of our parents who are iPhone users. Instantly connecting to the classroom has been a huge hit. We get immediate feedback. Parents and teachers alike use the app on the go, and we get push notifications when a message arrives. This really is amazing and allows us to share non-stop! We're not double checking our email 900 times a day and CCing everything. LOL. 
Jenn Regier
I am very much enjoying the app and have had positive feedback from parents.