Nov 2015

Introducing OnTrack

For the past two years we’ve tried to bring some innovative ideas to the Teachers, Parents and Students that we serve.  Many times it’s just a smarter/better way to do something they already do like our Timeslot Meetings.  But every once in a while, we get a breakthrough idea.  That’s how we feel about our new product called OnTrack.

There were three ideas we saw out there that combined into the OnTrack concept:

1.  ALL Kids communicate with pictures:  whether it’s Instagram or texting with short form and emojis the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words has gone off the charts in the past three years.  it’s an age old problem, “How do I talk to my kids?”.  we think it’s by letting them talk about their day in nothing but emoticons.

2.  Fitness trackers and Magic Bands:  we love what companies like FitBit and Disney do with their wearable devices.  they do so much for the user without asking the person to do much work.  that’s the thinking we’ve tried to bring to OnTrack…get the conversations going at home without asking everyone involved to do too much work.

3.  Kids to Parent communication isn’t being addressed in edTech:  to often, the communication issue is framed as one between the Teachers and the Students or the Teachers and the Parents.  everyone agrees that having Parents and their children talking about the school day on a daily basis is a great thing…we didn’t invent that concept…we’re trying to use technology to make it happen more often…without asking the Teachers to put more hours in.

So, if you’re a Teacher…let Parents know it’s out there and tell them what a great idea it is.  We have a huge FAQ section that’s always growing but it couldn’t be easier to use.  If you’re really enthusiastic, you can buy the Class Pack and get all the kids set up…but then just sit back and peek in on the results once in a while.  If you’re a Parent, you don’t even need to be in a regular Class Messenger class and you don’t need anyone’s permission or help to get going with OnTrack…fire it up and start using it with your child whether they’re in pre-school or high school.

Have fun.



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