Feb 2016

Instant push notifications versus text messages

It seems that the word ‘text’ and ‘texting’ is used to cover off anything that comes to a smartphone instantly.  Some of our users have been confused thinking that our removal of the expensive and unreliable SMS messages means their students and parents can only use email.  While we understand that this can be confusing:

it is 100% incorrect.  Our free app provides instant communication and is WAY WAY better than SMS technology for delivering your messages.

For example, people call WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook messenger ‘texting’.  We have no problem with that…except it’s NOT SMS.  It does not use a phone number to deliver the text…that’s the big BIG BIG difference.  We LOVE instant messaging and you can even call it texting if you like but we just don’t want to confuse our users.

To be clear, there is a small segment of the population that truly use text messaging because it is they only thing available to them.  For those users, we are truly sorry we have to take this feature away…it simply does not work well enough and costs tens of thousands of dollars for us to use each month.  We didn’t take this decision lightly.

With over 90% of our users having a Class Messenger account or using email, we had to make the switch.  If you still have some people who ONLY used a phone number and now want to communicate with them, please click here for instructions on how to do that.

We appreciate this transition was not easy for some of you but we believe that in the long term, given most of our users love our interactive messages (Timeslot meetings, Volunteers) and love to write messages longer than 140 characters (which you can’t do with SMS) this was the right move.  Thank you for your support and patience.

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