What is ‘Extra Privacy’?

‘Extra Privacy’ keeps a Parent’s or Student’s phone number and email address from ever being seen by the Teacher in a Class.  This allows Parents and Students to use the full service, but to never reveal any of their private information. When a Member Signs Up for a Class themselves, we default the ‘Extra Privacy’ settings to ON.

If a Parent or Student decides to later turn this setting to OFF then the Teacher in a Class will be able to see and edit the Member’s information. This is particularly important to note for Students, so that their info is never accidentally shared.

Remember, as a Parent or Student your information is NEVER shown to any other Parents or Students under any circumstances.

As a Teacher, when you build a new Class, your ‘Extra Privacy’ is already defaulted to ON, so you can be sure that your information is also kept private.

See our Parents & Students Privacy Info sheet here.

See our Teacher Privacy Info sheet here.

Read our full Privacy Policy for more details.


Last updated: September 7, 2016