What is a Timeslot Meeting?

It’s amazing.  Timeslot meetings allow you to quickly create up to 60 timeslots with different days, start times and meeting lengths.  Parents, Students or Teachers are notified and just like picking a seat on an airplane, choose the time that’s right for them.  Once the slot is picked, no one else can choose it.  In the example below, the Teacher is using the ‘Autofill’ feature to create six, thirty minute timeslots starting at 6:00pm for parent teacher conferences:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.11.35 PM

The teacher can quickly delete and unwanted timeslots they create by clicking the little ‘X’ before they send out the message:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.12.16 PM

and of course they can add single timeslots as well:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.12.07 PM

Of course our timeslot meetings come built in with our exclusive ‘Intelligent Messaging’ and RSVP options as well to make sure (without you doing any work) any ‘non-responders’ in your Class are sent follow up notes until they respond.

UPDATE:  Based on some questions from Teachers, some quick answers about this feature.  But first, a 3 step guide to building a Timeslot Meeting:

1.  Use the Autofill or Single timeslot builder to pick all your meeting times.  Any days, any times…it’s all going into one message.

2.  Choose the RSVP date and any other options like Autoreminders and Publish results.

3.  Choose everyone you want to send the request to and send your message.

NOTE:  From there, if you want to assign someone a slot, just click Edit Timeslots on mobile or just click a Timeslot on the browser version.  You can now edit, delete, add timeslots as much as you like…members will see them all when they click your messages.

And now, some FAQs:

1.  Can Members change their Timeslot once they have picked one and sent it in?  Yes.  They just edit their message and pick a new one.

2.  Can Teachers ‘assign’ a Timeslot to a Member (like if they get told in the schoolyard that 5:00pm works for a Parent)?   Yes.  The Teacher can click a Timeslot and pick from a list of Members who don’t have one yet.  Note:  you have to send out the message FIRST..THEN assign the timeslot.  In the mobile app, it’s a little different…you have to click Edit Timeslots and then pick one to assign it.

3.  Will Members see what Timeslots are available?  Can they see who has what timeslot?  Yes and Yes.  Members can only choose Timeslots that are unoccupied.  If the Teacher chooses the optional “publish results” all Members will see who is in what Timeslot.

4.  How does ‘intelligent messaging’ work for Timeslot?  The optional RSVP and Auto-reminder will continue to send messages to Members ONLY if they have not responded.  That’s how we help with the ‘hounding’.

5.  Can I delete, add Timeslots after I send the initial message out?  Yes.  If you delete a Timeslot and Member currently selected it, they will be notified to choose a new one.  If you add some more slots, they will be available.

6.  Can I invite Members who weren’t initially sent the Timeslot request?  Yes.  They will show up in your Summary under ‘Never Sent’ where you can select them and send them an invitation to pick a Timeslot.

7.  Can I print a Summary to use for Parent/Teacher night?  Yes.  On the web version, there is a little disk icon which provides a PDF version of all messages in the thread that can be saved and printed.


Last updated: September 8, 2015