What is a Class Code?

A Class Code is a 6 digit code that is unique to every Class.  It has two purposes:

1.  If you have ‘Sign Up’ turned on, new Members can search for your Class using the Class Code. (Keep in mind, they can search by the Teacher name or Class name as well).

2.  If you have ‘Sign Up’ turned on, new Members under age 13 MUST use the Class Code to sign up. (This helps ensure younger Members only sign up after a Teacher has given them instructions to do so).

So, it’s not a secret password or anything.  Just a way to facilitate the Sign Up process and keep it safe for younger Students.

To learn more, click on find your Class Code or find it in the ‘Info’ section of your Class at any time.  Additionally, we’ve created handouts in the Teacher Resources section to help you promote the service to other people, and the Class Code will be printed on them as well.

Last updated: June 25, 2014