My emails are not getting through. What can i do?

The two most common reasons why a message does not come through via email are:

1. The email address is incorrect
2. The member does not have email notifications turned on
3. The person has a ‘spam’ blocker that is catching the emails

To deal with number 3, have the person look in their junk or spam folder and then classify our emails as ‘not junk’.

Occasionally, some school districts or companies will set extremely tight rules on email and will not accept any new emails until they are ‘validated’. This can mean a number of things. Since the emails from our service come from they want to know if that is a valid service or person. If the top 3 issues listed above are all clear, then it is very likely that one or many of your members are having emails from our service blocked even though they will never see it in their junk or spam folder.

What can you do? Find out who is in charge of that blocking and tell them to ‘clear’ or ‘whitelist’ the OR you can have the individuals add to their own personal Safe Senders list. To do that, have them Google “Safe Sender for <blank>” for their email client (Gmail, Outlook…etc) as all of them are a little different.

Last updated: July 8, 2015