My Teacher signed me up and I’m getting messages…now what?

If you’ve been added to a class, there’s nothing more you need to do to start getting messages from your Teacher. But we think you’ll benefit from registering and getting all your messages in one place. You can access all your classes and messages from any computer, phone or tablet, which is pretty handy. Just follow the instructions in either the welcome email.

Just click the link and it will ask you to either log in with an existing Class Messenger account or to create a new username and password:

File 2015-09-02, 8 21 06 AM

If you are getting emails already, you’ll see the first one with a big blue ADD CLASS button.  Click it and the same thing will happen:

File 2015-09-02, 8 21 17 AM


You can then customize your settings by choosing to receive messages by push notification, email or just reading them online.

Last updated: January 28, 2016