How does Parent to Parent Messaging work?

Tired of not knowing how to reach out to other Parents in the Class? What’s Johnny’s mom’s phone number? No, I don’t want another email about who is bringing cupcakes?

Parent to Parent messaging is here…and it’s AMAZING. It allows the Parents to message each other directly WITHOUT ever having to share email addresses AND keeps Parents in complete control of who can message them and who can’t.

First, keep in mind that ONLY the Teacher can turn it on for a Class but then, each Parent can control their settings in a few ways:

1. Parents can completely opt-out of Parent to Parent messaging by turning it OFF in their Notification settings

2. Parents can BLOCK any other Parents if there are people they would rather not hear from

3. Parents can BLOCK individual message ‘threads’ if there is a topic being discussed that they have no interest in

If you’re a Teacher, go to Class Info and turn it on now. If you’re a Parent and you think it would be useful, send your Teacher a message and ask them to turn it on today.

Last updated: January 14, 2016