How do I build a Class and get Parents or Students signed up?

Teachers can build a class by clicking on the + Build a Class tab (see below) and entering in their class information.


To help build your class quickly you can turn on the ‘Sign Up’ feature to allow Parents or Students to find and join your class on our website. We’ve recently launched an Express Sign Up process…we’ll give you this PDF when you build a class to hand out or post in your classroom (you can find it later in your Class Info section as well).  There is an option to download this in Spanish as well:

express signup

If you prefer, you can enter Parents and Students manually and not wait for them to sign up. An email will then be automatically sent to each new person letting them know you have added them to your class.

In either case, everyone can control their message settings so they can get their messages however they prefer (the website, mobile apps, email, push notification or text message).

To see a detailed demo (including how to build a class using the apps) click here.

Last updated: August 20, 2015