Nov 2015

Daylight Savings and our mobile apps

Twice a year, millions of people have their iPhones, clocks and computers messed up by Daylight Savings.  Despite our efforts, there are a number of conditions that mess up meeting times in your life over the next week or so (with the one hour ‘fall back’ that happened on Sunday).

We wanted to highlight one discrepancy you MAY see on the mobile app.  Meeting times for the Timeslot Meeting and Group Meeting may display one hour behind what you had planned they were built BEFORE Sunday, November 1st AND were to occur after that date.  All the email and text messages will be correct and the browser version (if you use a computer to log in) will be correct.  Please log in to Class Messenger on a computer to double check if you fall into this category.  Any messages created after November 1 will be unaffected.

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