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Aug 2015

The express Sign Up process

Even though you only do it once, getting Students, Parent and Staff Members to Sign Up always takes a little time and effort.  To that end this week we launched an even slicker way to get them to Sign up.  We now generate a downloadable PDF and automatically give it to you each time your […]

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Aug 2014

Use a custom Class Messenger badge to easily get Parents & Students Signed Up!

Now you can get your very own custom Class Messenger badge for each Class that you build. You can post these badges on your website or blog so that you can easily direct Parents and Students to find and join your class on Class Messenger! To learn more read the FAQ here.

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Dec 2013

Want to know how to schedule a Meet with Me message?

Take a look at the demos section of our website for helpful how to’s for many of our features.  

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Sep 2013

Deleting unwanted Classes (like the Demo Classes we put in your profile)

Below are the instructions for how to delete a Class… 1.  On the web based version, there is a checkbox beside each Class.  Check the box and click the ‘Delete Class’ button above:   2.  For the mobile app, swipe on the Class name and a Delete button will show up.  Then press Delete.  

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Aug 2013

A word about our Search function…

If you’ve turned on the Sign Up feature, the Parents & Students in your Class can search for your Class on our website by looking for: the Teacher’s WDWDT? username the name of the Class the Teacher’s name If a Teacher does NOT turn on the Sign Up feature, their Class will NOT show up […]

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