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Aug 2016

“Always free” doesn’t mean ‘freemium’.

As Class Messenger enters it’s fourth ‘back to school’ our business goals have changed.  We’ve seen a lot of things happen in the ‘portfolio’ and ‘edtech messaging’ area over the past four years.  There’s got to be one big thing coming though…eventually, someone is going to have to pay for all of this stuff.  Teachers […]

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Oct 2014

We’re ‘Best Practice’ when it comes to integrating Technology into your Classroom!

It’s great to see Technology Integration Specialists for School districts sharing our service as ‘best practice’. Since they work with so many educators first hand, we trust them when they attest to how easy and helpful our service is. Class Messenger is an easy to use, digital service that allows a teacher more time by reducing their […]

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Oct 2014

The Bender Bunch, A Special Education Adventure loves Class Messenger!

Check out the Class Messenger love from a Special Education Teacher in Nevada! “How often do you find reminders and notes still in the backpacks the next day; never even seen by the parents? Me….. quite often! But how many parents do you know that don’t have a cell phone in their hand every time you […]

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Sep 2014

Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers promotes Class Messenger

So great when such a distinguished educator, who believes in and promotes the value of edtech, has great things to say about us! Richard Byrne, an award winning blogger and professional development facilitator has this to say about Class Messenger: “One of the aspects of Class Messenger that I appreciate is that when you register for an […]

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Aug 2014

“Powerful Communication Tool” – Back to School Coverage from

Michael Fricano (@EdTechnocation), a Technology Integration Specialist for the Education Innovation Lab at Iolani School reviews Class Messenger and says it’s a “Powerful Communication Tool”!  Anytime we hear someone say the word powerful next to our name, we are happy. And come on he’s part of an ‘Innovation’ Lab – That’s cool right? To have a […]

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