Apr 2014

Success Stories – Mr. Corcoran

  Mr. Corcoran Kindergarten and Technology Teacher “I love using technology to engage and motivate students while also delivering important information to the palm of each parents hands.”   I am a Kindergarten and Technology Teacher at Jameson Elementary School in Old Orchard Beach. But I am also a Graduate student at the University of Maine, where […]

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Mar 2014

Cover Your Parent Communication Bases – Lindsey Petlak

The efficient nature of this app allows me to instantly communicate with all, some, or only individual parents with (literally) the click of a button on my iPad! Read the full article here.

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Feb 2014

Class Messenger gets 5 star love!

Nothing like noticing we’ve been given a 5 star rating on the Global Education Database! Check out  the link to hear what they think of little ole’ us. Like how we ‘actually’ engage Teachers, Parents and Students. http://www.gedb.org/product/class-messenger/

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Feb 2014

Resend your Messages!

So someone says they accidentally erased your message? Hmmm. Or maybe you simply want to send another reminder?  We’ve built it so you can go into your previously sent messages, open them up and resend them in a flash. You can even add or delete recipients should you need to.

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Feb 2014

Attach documents to your messages!

We know teachers love sending quick messages but they still wanted to be able to attach documents. So, we’ve listened…now you can go ahead and attach those permission slips, newsletters and school announcements. On our desktop you will now see the option to select the paperclip and this will allow you to select a file […]

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