One place for all communication.

Teachers and parents don’t have time to spend hours connecting via Twitter, email, text-messages, a class blog and paper notes. Class Messenger handles it all in a way that’s as fast as texting and more private than Twitter, and that doesn’t require adding to an already clogged email inbox.

We don’t make extra work for parents.

Teachers are always promised the world from technology, but often it fails to deliver, or requires too much ramp up time to learn. The best tools reduce work, not create it, so Class Messenger’s ease-of-use assures more parents will get the message, receiving push updates by email or through an optional mobile app.

No student, or parent, left behind.

A steady flow of communication from teachers to parents (and vice versa) provides a view into the classroom, and keeps teachers, parents and students in sync throughout the year. Constant short and digestible updates lead to happier and more informed parents, smarter kids, and no more surprises at parent-teacher interviews.

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